Frequently Asked Questions

What is Donutful?

In a world of lab-grown ingredients and “smarter” sweets, sometimes you just need it to be simple. A back-to-the basics real donut.

So, we created super Donutful. Super yum, premium baked treats with simple ingredients and way less sugar, so you can feel good about every bite.

What makes Donutful different?

We believe that everyone deserves to indulge in treats filled with more goodness and less nonsense. When you reach for a donut you’re not craving Aluminum Mystery 2% or Hydrogenated Sadness. You want...a donut.

That's why we created donutful, premium baked mini donuts made with simple ingredients and way less sugar, so you can feel good about every bite.

What does 0% junk mean?

We created donutful without any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. They’re made with real, simple ingredients and our exclusive blend of goodness to give you a donut that’s a work of art. 0% junk, 100% crazy delicious.

Where can I buy Donutful?

Donutful is available to purchase at www.donutful.com or at select retailers. Find a retailer near you here.

Are Donutful donuts dairy free? Vegan? Gluten free?

The Chocolate Dipped donuts do not contain milk.

The Pink Sprinkle Dipped, Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Dipped donuts contain milk.

All of our mini donuts contain eggs.

Donutful mini donuts are not vegan. 

Donutful mini donuts are not gluten free.

Are Donutful donuts kosher?

All donutful mini donuts are OU-certified kosher. The products are prepared and packaged on a line that also processes dairy so the items are all Ou-D certified. 

Does Donutful use artificial sweeteners?

No way!

We don’t use any artificial sweeteners (or colors or flavors!) or other fake sugars in donutful.

We simply use less sugar and our proprietary recipe of high quality ingredients for a perfectly sweet taste.

I still have questions. How do I reach Donutful?

Send us a note at: hello@donutful.com

We're in Wegmans, Gelsons + Bristol Farms and more retailers!

Can't wait for donuts? Find a store near you.